How To Find Vlad

Navigating while out of body isn’t easy. People have been doing it for a long time. How does one find tiny islands in the middle of the vast Pacific on an outrigger canoe?

With the takeover of the Middle East (and later Europe) of the fascist vampires things changed. They built huge cities to keep people in close proximity, easier to drain energy from and to influence in mass dreams. They imposed rules to help them maintain control over who could become aware without being stoned to death or burned at the stake.

To find the priests and kings of these cultures in their future lifetimes, and to regain influence and control, they had slaves build pyramids. They had created large societies of unaware zombies led by small numbers of official psychics. These rapists and murderers held positions of high office, priests, generals and police. The noble families that filled these were simple enough to insert their “chosen” loyalists.

When the Egyptians had trouble with Moses they came up with a solution. One of them took the place of Yaweh. He ordered them to build the Ark of the Covenant and carry it with them. Moses, having fallen for the identity theft, was easy for them to find anywhere he went. Solomon destroyed it when he realized it was a homing beacon for the Egyptian fascist sorcerers.

In the middle ages people were led to believe the Earth was flat. The priests and rulers knew it wasn’t. All they had to do was get out of body and take a trip. They programmed people to think they would fall off the edge.

They didn’t want anyone to find the Americas. They had people there build pyramids too. It was a great place to harvest souls, experiment with controlling societies and people, and possibly hide for a lifetime if anyone got too wise. They didn’t want their European zombie populations to discover it.

What does that mean in today’s world? The Kremlin is an easy to find landmark and paying Vlad Putin an out of body visit isn’t difficult for Karl Marx or his goons. Then he’ll think God (or the other guy) is telling him to invade Ukraine. The same could be said of the government buildings of most nations. Mosques and Cathedrals are all quite conspicuous.

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