Who is Finding Whom? Navigation Tricks

Navigation on the other side, when out of body, is difficult. Those who play god have developed some techniques to help solve this problem. Keep in mind their goals are political and there have always been some people who can see them.

The big ones prefer mountainous regions. This gives them some cover when they build up their energy. Their helpers are usually not far away. In the past they were usually protected by castle or diocese walls. This is changing.

Having people build pyramids enabled them to be relatively unnoticed and to find their way back home. It also helped them to play god to distant societies. They just had to convince them to build pyramids too (and usually to sacrifice some souls they liked). There are large steeples on churches and the unique designs of castles. The Ark of the Covenant helped the Egyptian sorcerers play god to the Jews until Solomon got smart and either hid or destroyed it. There were palaces and statues in Greece and Rome, and mosques in the Islamic empires.

The layout of certain capital cities and the distinct buildings are what they use today. Washington DC has masonic symbols only recognizable from the air. It is doubtful today that all those using the map are aligned with masons or other enlightenment groups. Herein is a big problem. Whether the maps are set up by good or evil kings matters not. Who is ruling the other side is who gets to use them at any specific point in time. It’s like setting up one official religion, the church can be infiltrated and taken over. If that one official religion is psychology it too can be taken over and filled with dogma. The same problem arises with a centralized government.

Another way they navigate is to find a specific person. They have a loyalist physically move to a target area, a place where they want to operate. That helper can attract them to him or herself. An example would be the Allah of Aramco, who worked for BP in Whatcom County WA and then in Saudi Arabia from about 1980 until 1991. His buddies could find him and together they could influence powerful people, and therefore events, in the region.

A way they can navigate to a target person is to take shifts, making sure one of them is always clinging to the target. This means investing a lot of time but, they can always find the person and continue the pressure on him or her. They can also hold the person down in this fashion.