Iran Attacks

The Iranians launched a drone attack on a Israeli operated tanker, the Mercer Street, on Friday morning 7/30/21 (BBC). The drone struck the pilot house and killed the ship’s captain and a British security guard. The next Friday, Iranian backed Hezbollah militiamen launched a rocket attack on IDF troops from Southern Lebanon (Times of Israel).

These coordinated attacks are an escalation of the long running Iranian aggression against Israel. Iran, once a US ally, became a Shia Theocracy in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Since that time they have backed Hamas, the illegitimate dictators of the Gaza Strip, Hezbollah and other Shi’ite militias. Controlling Iran, or the current Ayatollah, would mean controlling these groups.

Taking a country allied to the US and the West and changing it into a superstitious theocracy, arming it with nuclear weapons and using it in an attempt to destroy Israel would take decades and be quite a trick. It would certainly stop the ongoing excavations and search for ancient Judaic and Christian scrolls that were hidden from the Romans when Christianity became the religion of state.