Spreading Tyranny

The ability to put a soul where they want, in the family they choose and in a nation they want to control is a hallmark of the Controllers. It is identified by the authors of the Vedas. It has been labelled as Kharma and westernized to refer to punishment or reward for one’s character. The original description has no concept of sin only obeying or disobeying the “gods.” The gods are just people who get out of body.

The thug sorcerers who run the show probably control the ones who can place people. They do things like create the Third Reich and put their fascist types in positions of power.

If we consider a soul like Hugo Chavez we realize how much effort went into making him the ruler of Venezuela. He died so one of the Controllers put him in the country. The one who did this would have died before Chavez did, at some point a different Controller would have to start handling him.

HIs life was almost orchestrated. He was able to receive an education though starting racially mixed and in poverty. He entered the military as an officer. He discovered and became enamored with socialism. His enemies on his path to the top were vanquished and punished with bad luck. Those who helped him were rewarded with good luck.

People around him thought he was a powerful one. Not because of his own energy, from which his handler fed, but from the handler himself. They heard the handler’s thoughts most likely and Chavez went along with them, possibly believing them to be his own.

The whole process allowed the fascist controllers to take over Venezuela through using someone else. At least one handler completely dedicated his life to this effort. It makes sense they went through so much effort to get the exiled Ayatollah Khomeini back to Iran from France. They drove the Shah insane and conned the Carter administration into providing for Khomeini’s return. They did this while their king was working in Saudi Arabia for Aramco. (He claims to have been Rommel but wasn’t).

When we compare this to the invasion of Crimea in February of 2014, immediately following the ouster of then Ukraine President Yanukovich by Vlad Putin. It explains the effort Putin put into keeping Belarusan President Alexander Lukashenko. It also explains the effort Putin has put forth to help Bashir al-Assad. The current foray into Ukraine was directed by the fascist king of Morder and the serial rapist recently bragged about it in the 4th.

These guys are hell bent on keeping their guys in power in these different countries as they spread tyranny and fascism around the world. They live right in the US under everyone’s noses, no one understanding they were the Controllers. Until they decided to put on a big shit show in someone else’s state.

This is Hugo Chavez.

Guillaume Brune

This is the birth chart of Guillaume Brune, 1st Count Brune (13 March 1764 – 2 August 1815). He was a French politician and military officer. He served during the French Revolution and later during the Napoleonic Wars and was appointed Marshall of the Empire by Napoleon. He fell out of of favor with Napoleon for a time but was recalled to fight in the 100 Days War. When Louis XVIII took power he was killed by a mob of royalists and his body was throne into the Rhone River.

Heinrich Schleimann

This is the birth chart of Heinrich Schleiman (6 January 1822 – 26 December 1890). Schleimann was a German businessman and archeologist. He made his fortune by buying and selling gold during the California gold rush. He then made money through munitions sales to the Russians during the Crimean War. He enjoyed publishing stories that were largely proven as false accounts of events he did not witness or take part in. He “retired” and then went in search of the City of Troy. He excavated what was believed to be the site with dynamite, ruining much of the excavation. He smuggled out gold artifacts and had to pay a fine to the Turkish government. He died of an ear infection in Italy.

Richard Walther Darre

This is the birth chart of Richard Walther Darré (14 July 1895 – 5 September 1953), a German born in Argentina who became the Minister of Food and Agriculture for the Third Reich. He was a high ranking NAZI and SS officer. He was the author of the Blood and Soil ideology of German rights to the lands and agriculture and the necessity to displace the Slavic people. He made a propaganda movie on the topic. He was arrested in 1945 for war crimes and sentenced to 7 years of which he served 5. He died in 1953 of liver cancer.

Hugo Chavez

This is the birth chart of Hugo Chavez (28 July 1954 – 5 March 2013). Chavez was a socialist dictator who served as the President of Venezuela from 1999 until he died in 2013. He served in the military as a communications officer fighting Marxist insurgents. He found a stash of communist literature and kept them. In 1977 he established a revolutionary movement within the military called the Venezuelan People’s Liberation Army. He established links with Marxist revolutionaries in his country. 5 years later he created the Bolivarian Revolution Army. He attempted a coup in 1992 that failed and was arrested. Citizens began to see him as a liberator. He was freed in 1994 (after only 2 years, much like Hitler’s incarceation) and began a political campaign that ended up with his election as president in 1999. The Venezuelan economy had been in shambles since the early 90’s making the government unpopular. He helped fund the FARC and received assistance from Cuba. He slowly changed the laws and constitution to give himself power over the other branches of government. He put down a coup in 2002 and staved off a recall referendum in 2004. He blended all the leftists into one party that he controlled, He nationalized the oil industry and the broadcast companies into one state owned radio station. Crime, murder, kidnappings all increased under his regime. He was accused of human rights abuses. He died officially in 2013 of cancer or a heart attack.