Zombies Brainwashed to Create More Zombies

The fascist Controllers, through dominance of the other side, are able to brainwash the dead (and some living) to become their servants. They save the dirty jobs for enemies. They can no longer get away with raping people in the basement of the church before burning them at the stake. Without the correct political situation they can’t guillotine them (fake revolution) or gas them (socialist dictatorship) either. The history books have to make it seem like a spontaneous event or one created by a single man.

It is also apparent, from the following case, they wanted people to blame brainwashing of the dead on their former enemies. See yesterday’s post.

This is Jeffrey Dahmer.

Hermann Brill
Jeffrey Dahmer

On the left is the birth chart of Hermann Brill. Brill was a German politician who was opposed Hitler’s rise to power “at any time, anywhere and under every circumstance.” He was a member of the German Social Democrats Party but left when their failure to oppose the Nazis became an embarrassment. He formed a resistance group called the Duetsch Volksfort. He was later imprisoned in the Buchwald concentration camp. After World War II he helped create the Constitution of the New German Republic and became a professor of political science.

On the right is the birth chart of Jeffrey Dahmer. Another brainwashed zombie harvesting souls for the fascist enemies of his past life. He attempted crude lobotomies on some of his captives and preserved and/or consumed some of their body parts. These things were done to turn them into lovers, in this lifetime and the next. The latter is a cult belief. He is known to have committed at least 17 murders. He was diagnosed as a psychotic. He died in 1994, beaten to death by a fellow inmate.