Soul Harvesting Tricks For the Generations

As we have observed, fascist Controllers use rape and murder to harvest female souls. This is accomplished by a simple manipulation, demonizing adultery. If a woman has sex out of wedlock she was stoned to death ( Judaism and Islam ) or burned at the stake, because Jesus saved a prostitute from being stoned. Today there are serial killers serving that purpose for the Controllers. They are also brainwashed and Handled. They sometimes know of this sorcery and believe the women they harvest will be for their next lifetimes. The Controllers step in to rape and program them between lifetimes.

What about male souls? Same thing. By demonizing homosexuality through religion men could be officially targeted as well. They don’t even have to be gay, no more than a woman accused of adultery necessarily did have sex. The Controllers rape males between lifetimes and program them the same way. All with the support of the official religions. Notice how debauched the kings and priests were while all this was going on. They were above reproach.

Here is another programmed Harvester, this one of men.

Alfred Ploetz
John Wayne Gayce

On the left is the birth chart of Alfred Ploetz, a German physician and eugenicist. He twisted the theory of evolution to justify racial hygiene and the euthanization of “inferior races” for the Third Reich. Of course the real reason the Nazis wanted the Jews to be eradicated was to erase the history held in the Tanakh. Ploetz’s crime against the Nazi way was his statement, later recanted;

“The high aptitude of the Jews and their outstanding role in the progress of mankind considering men like Jesus, Spinoza, Marx has to be kindly acknowledged without hesitation… All this Antisemitism is a flop which will vanish slowly in the light of scientific knowledge and a humane democracy”

Because of this he was “demoted” in his next lifetime as a harvester, targeting young gay men as he would have in ages past for the church.

On the right is the birth chart John Wayne Gayce. He was the serial killer known as the “Killer Clown.” He preyed on young men and buried many of them under his house. He stated he could control their souls after death to prevent them from revealing his crimes.