Finding Controllers

Finding a fascist Controller can be difficult. They will be male, white, comfortably wealthy and connected. They will not be (at least in this lifetime) someone very famous or obvious. This is a historically recent trend. In the past they enjoyed positions of power, but are trying to stay low profile at least in normal life. They use zombies, puppets and those they own to do the risky dirty work in public positions.

The Giants are people, just people. They aren’t aliens, gods, demons, djin, ghosts or creatures from any other cover story. The king Giant is Karl Marx pretending to be Rommel. He’s the one that has handled presidents and world leaders including Putin.

This is not much to go on. There are clues that can give us an idea as to a general location.

These guys take in a lot of energy. Much of it they vampire from others. This can be done in large population centers or from someone who actually does pull in a lot of energy. In order to appear with white energy they will want to own a person who generates white energy to vampire from.

They like to be around mountains. This helps them conceal their energy while they are accumulating it, getting big. It also affords a place to practice and a natural barrier once they build up a following they can use mountains as a boundary. It is easier to hid their location then say a house in the middle of a desert plain.

One of the best ways is to know how they use thought to control people. They call this “understanding,” in their slang/code. They can make themselves believe things that aren’t true. This is called “misunderstanding.” These terms are to confuse anyone looking for someone who understands what is going on.

It is basically the art of pathological lies. To demonstrate consider a fascist Controller; they are socialists. A Controller my feel their turf is threatened by Asian Americans because they are generally against socialism. Many emigrated to escape socialist regimes in Vietnam, China etc.

To demonize them the Controller might get himself to believe oriental people are responsible for COVID. This is obviously untrue but the Controller will believe it anyway or “misunderstand.” The result is the Gumby brains (regular people – see below) will also believe it. It doesn’t work on everyone but it does work on some. The result; acts of violence against Asian Americans. The main point is the Controller doesn’t want to be cruising around thinking about how Asians hate socialism. If he did people would know he is socialist; his cover would be blown.

It doesn’t matter if they appear to be liberal or conservative, they don’t believe in democracy anyway. They are tyrants looking to institute socialism. To stick to their act they will believe different things with the same purpose. A Controller pretending to be a Conservative might make himself believe that Jews are trying to take over the world and are responsible for socialist manipulations. A Controller pretending to be a Liberal might make himself believe Israel is fascist for putting a fence between themselves and the Palestinian Territories.

The real reason they hate Jews is there are a ton of stories in the Tanakh about them. They’ve been rewriting it and persecuting Jews since they figured that out.

This information is helpful in locating regions where Controllers operate. There has been a noted rise in anti Semitism in Germany and Poland. The 9/11 hijackers obtained false Saudi IDs and passports while in Germany before traveling to the US. Someone like this may be a problem if there were ever a conflict with Vlad Putin‘s forces.

Understand their mindset. They are the kind to put a “I love the NRA” bumpersticker on their truck and brainwash/handle kids shooting up schools to get gun control. They are the kind to become a priest so they can be closer to altar boys. They are the kind to tell you they are liberals while they rape people= to discredit liberals.

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