Gumby Brains Believe

Fromm, still calling himself Rommel to pass the buck for next lifetime, has a strange affect on the Gumby Brains. He’s been trying to help start a race war in the US since the 60’s. In 68 he guided James Earl Ray and we all had sympathy for him; everyone thought he was Rommel.

As time passed the idea was fed to local Gumby Brains that a race war would destroy American society and the pollution it creates. Some of them buy into the idea. Not a majority but a vocal enough minority to paint environmentalists in a poor light. They think he’s a hero or something. They believe he’s conned the right wingers.

The Gumby Brain right wing climate change deniers also think of Fromm as a hero; he has discredited the environmentalists. Fromm worked and retired from British Petroleum. He also ran around directing the activities of the Neo Cons, in particular George Bush Jr. He did this in front of the whole country in the 4th D. They believe he’s conned the left wingers.

Why do both these groups believe this man’s bs? Because between lifetimes they were programmed through fear and mental manipulation to. It’s deeply rooted in their subconscious and they don’t recognize it; partly because they can’t admit it to themselves.

Is he helping the left or the right? Neither. He’s a Marxist. What he wants is an opportunity to program everyone again, he wants another war and more dead to program for his next time. He wants another holocaust, inquisition or what have you. That way everyone will believe his bs next time too.

Why doesn’t he quit when everyone knows he and his legion of butt rapers are full of it? He still thinks he’s going to achieve his new holocaust.