Engineering Society With Reincarnation

Understanding reincarnation helps us to see the bigger picture. The world around us is not run in the way we think it is. It is not run by the people we are led to believe do, or by the people who are allowed to believe they do. It is ruled by people behind the scenes, in the shadows, like Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. Their goals of control span lifetimes.

When a person, or group of people die they exist in a vulnerable mental state. The powerful (by definition living) can use illusion, fear, torture and rape to affect their subconscious. They will not remember the time between lifetimes but their subconscious will carry the programming. Concentration camps (BBC) are modeled after this sorcery.

Another consideration is the political situation children are born into. A young person born after 9/11 can not recognize the effects on society. They are more comfortable with surveillance for example.

Estimates of pre-Columbian Native American populations vary but most accept 5.65 million. In 1890 the population was 250,000. Where did these souls go? They were reincarnated as white children. They were brought up in white society by white parents speaking English.

Consider the Third Reich’s holocaust. 6 million Jews were killed while a white Germanic breeding program was under way. Karl Marx states in his writings that “true” Communism cannot exist until generations born before the revolution have died off. They knew what they were doing.

If a mass slaughter were to happen today we might all come back to a socialist New World Order and not know the difference.

And into whatsoever house ye enter, first say, Peace be to this house.” Luke 10:5