Who In Their Right Mind

Who in their right mind would believe a guy who retired from an oil company that a race war was the way to save our environment? The leftists who do go along with that feed the narrative they are racists. At the same time this guy is trying to get kudos from oil interests for making environmentalists look bad.

This is the one that calls himself Rommel but was really Fromm. He claims to have gone to Vietnam but he didn’t. He’s a rabid racist, rapist, misogynist and manipulator. Who believes him? Brainwashed people, programmed to worship him by being raped after dying in the chambers.

Why do he and his cohorts really want a race war, or any war – to be worshiped in their next life like they are in this one. The technique is raping the dead. Why do some glorify the rapes they commit as a righteous or cool act? I already answered that.

One individual glorified in subculture rewrites of history is the Marquis de Sade. Believing him to be some revolutionary hero of sexual liberation some have tried to romanticize his life. The truth is he was a nobleman who raped and tortured male and female peasants. His justification was his noble birth. Royalty of old acted out their sexual proclivities while enforcing religious sexual laws throughout history. Most of the priesthood of Western Europe were from noble families. They were not sexual liberators of the masses. They were sadists and rapists.

This is one of Fromm’s men

Marquis de Sade

This is the birth chart of Donatien Alphonse François, better known as the Marquis de Sade (2 June 1740 – 2 December 1814) was a French Nobleman and politician of the French Revolution. He was known for his erotic writings, often glorifying sexual violence against women, young men and children. He believed in living unfettered by morals holding anti-Christian views. He was accused of sexual maltreatment by various members of his staff. He was critical of Maximillian Robespierre (Case Study 34) and the Reign of Terror which caused him to be arrested for being too moderate. He was also arrested by Napolean for his writings. He finished his days in an asylum. He has been the subject of much popular literature.

Alexander Antonin Tache

This is the birth chart of Archbishop Alexandre-Antonin Taché (23 July 1823 – 22 June 1894). He was a French Canadian Catholic Priest. He was assigned to the newly formed Diocese of St Boniface of the Western Territories during the settlement period and expansion of Canada. His parishioners (who were settlers) came into conflict with native tribes. He spoke Cree, Athabaskan and Ojibwe. He was called upon to prevent (unsuccessfully) an uprising in Saskatchewan called the North West Rebellion.

Carl Clauberg

This is the birth chart of Carl Clauberg (28 September 1898 – 9 August 1957). Clauberg was a German gynecologist who conducted experiments on Jewish female subjects at Auschwitz Concentration Camp. He was given the job through his acquaintance with Heinrich Himmler’s wife (Case Study 34). He injected Jewish women’s uteruses with formaldehyde to sterilize them. He was arrested by Soviet troops in 1945 and imprisoned until 1955. Upon his release he went back to Germany and was given a position in the clinic he was employed in before the war. His identity was discovered and he was arrested but died before he could be tried.