Socialism and Racism and the NWO

After 9/11 the idea of privacy in our society became obsolete. Surveillance is now normalized. Those born around that time or after have no idea what life was like before the Twin Towers attacks.

Socialists posing as conservatives like Fromm claiming to be Rommel, have been filling the heads of those on the right with bs. One lie is to get people to distrust the American vaccines for the virus from Wuhan China. Aware people who buy this garbage will be the ones dying from Covid – as planned. He’s the same guy who’s buddies took over QAnon and got people to go to the White House on Jan 6. Now the NSA has video footage, and identities, of many of them – as planned.

Socialists posing as liberals have been selling gun control and intensified surveillance to leftists. They have also been selling socialism, imagine that. While Fromm and his rapists run rampant pretending to be conservatives, the socialists sell Marxism as the answer. Fromm was Marx; they are working together.

The same guys handling cops and getting them to shoot unarmed black men to create racial tension were some of the same guys who handle kids and get them to shoot up schools for gun control.

Here’s the point. Fromm’s race war, a government crackdown, a pandemic or any other means of mass slaughter is intended to get rid of those who remember freedom. When we come back (reincarnate) we will be raised not knowing the difference. They intend for us all to be brought up as socialists. When the dust clears those who helped them take over will be eliminated and they’ll set things up the way they want.

Why does socialism appeal to some wealthy white supremacists? Because it represents a way to maintain complete control of the economy. Minority owned businesses and banks will become a thing of the past. With one government owned bank systemic racism will become institutionalized. With one government owned source of news, any statistics can be doctored; covering up racial inequalities. The reason those giants flying around want gun control? They are just people, and they are exclusively white.

Systemic racism and sexism exist. Why would giving the government complete control be the solution?

I give you bane of the Neo Cons, Representative Joseph P Addabbo

Joseph P Addabbo
Jeff Weise

On the left is the birth chart of Congressman Joseph P Addabbo, D, Queens, NY. Addabbo was known for his support of racial equality. He was also known for his hawkish stance against the military spending of the Reagan administration. His district was even redrawn in an attempt to remove him from office. He was a thorn in the sides of the Neo Cons.

On the right is the birth chart of Jeff Weise, a 16 year old Ojibwe boy who killed 9 and injured 5 others in a school shooting before turning his weapon on himself. An obvious brainwashee; Weise idolized Adolf Hitler (also a set up) and tried to convince other indigenous students of his merit. He had made two attempts at suicide the year prior to the mass shooting. Another school shooting to make a case for gun control.