The socialist gods of the neo-cons have mud on their faces from Fromm’s (calls himself Rommel) failure in Ukraine and support of their puppet Putin. To deflect attention and try to get into the good graces of the racists they have begun to work on that agenda.

Overturning Roe v Wade, white supremacists believe, will increase the number of white births. It also appeals to those who oppose abortion and they hope to be viewed as holy for it.

They are also selling the “Replacement Conspiracy.” It states that people, who are not white, from other nations are being allowed to immigrate to the US in an attempt to increase the non white population. Their puppet Payton Gendron ( evaluated for mental health) attacked and killed 10 black people at a store in Buffalo. Notice the victims were American blacks, not foreigners. This is yet another attempt at starting a racial strife and a race war.

Didn’t know socialist gods were racist eh, how’d they do that?


The real reason to build a wall, keep people from Central and South America who can see relating what dark shapes are taking the souls away. A Holocaust in Mexico?