Ancient Religion Persecuted

Yazidis are followers of an ancient pre Zoroastrian Iranian faith. “There is a disagreement among scholars and in Yazidi circles on whether the Yazidi people are a distinct ethnoreligious group or a religious sub-group of the Kurds, an Iranic ethnic group.”

Yazidism, their religion, is a monotheistic one with it’s own Adam story. It believes in a hands off creator and 7 angels sent to rule as gods over humanity. It teaches reincarnation.

The Yazidis have faced persecutions by Arabs and Turks. Their beliefs being considered heresy by some Muslims. The “gods” do not like ancient religions. The Yazidis, as members of Kurdish society, were gassed by Saddam Hussein<<. Recently they have been attacked by ISIL, an Islamic apocryphal cult, who’s leaders believe they are being directed by an angel of Allah. I wonder where this “angel” lives and who he is? Why don’t he and his six Valkyrie buddies like Yazidism?

Now, the Kurds of the Free Syria Army are being threatened again, by Recap Erdogan, <<the Turkish President since 2014 (VOA News). Erdogan has opposed NATO membership for Finland and Sweden. His recent actions have begged the question; who’s side is this guy on? His regime has been sinking in corruption and economic woes. Now would be an opportune time for him to stage a military adventure to take people’s eyes off his inadequacies.

This move would also work to the benefit of Bashar al Assad << and his patron Vladimir Putin. <<