Who Would Be A Poor Man

This is a re-post. For background read Crime and Control

Which is easier, to own a king or to make someone you already own the king? Quite obviously he latter is the choice of Controllers. This is the tactic they use to take over institutions in a society.

One example is the Ayatollah Khomeini, his soul was put in Iran in 1902 by a German sorcerer. The intent was for him to be the ruler of the nation. The guy(s) that put him there where in their next lifetimes (died and reincarnated) by the time Khomeini was of any significance. Continuity is key for Controllers. The current world leader fascists were put into those societies when the Controllers thought they would win WWII.

Khomeini was in exile from 1964 to 1978. To get him back in charge the Shah was mentally manipulated by a handler to do unpopular things. Basically he was driven insane. This was to turn the populace against him. Then US President Carter and his administration were convinced to return Khomeini to Iran to help bring peace. Fromm of Mordor, working for Aramco in Saudi Arabia, guided Khomeini through the steps to take over and consolidate complete control in Iran. Did they have something on Khomeini? Damn right they did; they don’t let anyone up they don’t have dirt on. See other examples in “Related” below. They went to great lengths to put Khomeini in charge.

In a recent post we talked about the relationship between Jeffrey Epstein and James Cayne, CEO of Bear Stearns. Epstein joined the company as an assistant to a floor trader in 1976. He moved up the ranks to become a limited partner and left the company in 1981 after having violated the Securities Act. He remained as an advisor. Cayne became CEO in 1993 and is best known for his part in the collapse of the company. That collapse kicked off the Great Recession of 2008. Did they have something on Cayne?

Jeffrey Epstein became friends with Donald Trump in the 1980’s. Trump managed to go from a real estate mogul who keeps filing bankruptcy to the office of president. In the 2016 elections he won the seat despite having lost the popular vote by 3 million. They had something on Trump.

Seeing the forest through the trees can be difficult. It’s easy to see the demagogue in another country like Russia’s Vladimir Putin. Remember that everyone who waves a flag is not necessarily a patriot. And when someone is perceived to be the leader, there is probably someone right behind him; his Handler.