Filling the Next Empire

Why did the Zombie Hitler encourage his people to fight to the last man? The textbook answer has something to do with what psychologists claim was his psychosis. The textbook answer is wrong.

When Controllers change empires they want to take the souls they own with them. This is done by killing them and having them reborn in the new empire. They want as many dead as they can get.

The baby boomer generation was the result of a jump in the birthrate in the US after WWII. They are reincarnated soldiers (of all sides) and civilians who died in the war. They are also reincarnated holocaust victims.

Over the last few days I have been detailing the building of an empire the Controllers are hoping to inhabit in their next lifetime. They will want to put, and probably have been putting, souls they have programmed into this place. To do this they want a way to slaughter masses of people. They also want to weaken or destroy the US so they will have less competition in their next lifetime.

The souls closest to them will be of the utmost importance to them. It is not a coincidence the first cases of Covid in the US were in Seattle.