Filling The Ranks

How do the Controllers and the Handlers who work for them create events to fill their next life with the souls of servants and brainwashed followers? They create mass harvesting events. Wars and catastrophes are often mass harvesting events. Poems and images of dark men walking off the battlefield with souls of the fallen. Those dark men’s masters created the wars for this purpose.

These events are created through the use of political and religious manipulation. The Controllers have worked to preserve religious intolerance, racism and sexism throughout the ages. These attitudes make it simpler to create harvesting events.

The Controllers and their servants are royalty of old. Some were generals, priests, law enforcement and politicians. When reborn in a new society they gravitate toward these positions. Eventually they can take over a nation. This is much easier when the country is not a democracy. The Terror is an example of a harvesting event that was intended to and succeeded in derailing a democracy before it got off the ground. The Spanish Inquisition and the Holocaust are two other examples.

Bereishit 14: 21 And the king of Sodom said to Abram,<< “Give me the souls, and the possessions take for yourself.” 22 And Abram said to the king of Sodom, “I raise my hand to the Lord, the Most High God, Who possesses heaven and earth. 23 Neither from a thread to a shoe strap, nor will I take from whatever is yours, that you should not say, ‘I have made Abram wealthy.’

Attempting to create a race war in the US today would set up a similar soul harvesting attempt. Putting souls in their planned next empire gives them an advantage growing up and becoming wealthy and powerful in their next lifetime, just like it did for them in this one. They blamed these attempts on environmentalists by claiming to be environmentalists. Of course a vocal minority of owned environmentalists buying into it helps give credence to this ridiculous attempt to pass the buck. They also attempted to win over industrialists by pointing their ruse out to them. Some industrialists are just as receptive to the lies of Controllers as any other programmed soul. (see The Strange Battle for Castle Itter).

One of their attempts to start a race war in the US was the Beating of Rodney King. This was forewarned in the 4th D. The call was sent out from Oregon and repeated from Ruby Ridge ID, Waco TX and Santa Fe NM among other places. It might be noted that some of the FBI agents involved in the Siege of the Branch Davidian Compound (Feb – April 1993) were also present at the Seige at Ruby Ridge (Aug 1992).

Here is the fate of David Koresh. The others, including the children, were taken to Mordor because this is their way.

Vernon Howell
John Samuel Yates
Vernon Howell
John Samuel Yates

The chart on the left is for Vernon Howell aka David Koresh of the Branch Davidians. Koresh and his followers sounded off to the psychic world the danger of the Beating of Rodney King. The event was supposed to bring about a race war that would give the Controller’s lackeys in government the excuse to declare martial law and begin a new holocaust. The ATF rolled in to execute a warrant after they had been invited to drop by and investigate any time they liked by Koresh. The ensuing firefight and burning of the building during an FBI raid resulted in the deaths of most of the Davidians and their children.

The chart on the right is of Samuel Yates, second child of Andrea Yates. Andrea, having earlier been diagnosed with schizophrenia, drowned her five children on June 20th, 2001. She believed they were being attacked by dark spirits of Satan and only killing them would save their souls. Whatever possessed her?