Smart Octopi

The documentary “My Octopus Teacher” is an account of Craig Forster’s interactions with a Common Octopus he met while diving in a kelp bed. The octopus becomes friendly with him and he is able to observe it survive shark attacks and the ways it hunted. This octopus species has a life span of 1 to 2 years. They are incredibly intelligent and resourceful. They never meet their parents and are not trained by them on survival methods.

How do the octopi survive at all? How do they, in the course of 1 to 2 years, learn what to eat and what not to eat? How do they figure out how to hide and hunt? How do they know what to fear? The scientific answer is called genetic knowledge. The hypothesis; there is a mechanism in DNA that passes this information along to offspring.

The real answer is lifetime after lifetime of being an octopus gives experience. The ability to reason gives the intelligence necessary to the souls of octopi.

Reincarnation and the ability to tap into memories of past lives is part of the nature of humanity as well. The interruption of this process through murder, abuse and brainwashing allows the perpetrators of the above crimes to maintain an edge over the rest of the population. It also allows them to play god. They make sure they remember and others do not. They appear as gods to people because they have been learning and holding everyone else down.

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