Zombie Creation and Use

When you examine the Case Studies (link below) you will begin to see patterns emerge. One of the patterns is the brainwashing and use of former enemies. These zombies to do the dirty work for Controllers when they know the zombie will get found out. In this way they hope to hide their hand in these events. They also demonize their enemies (to people who know about reincarnation) from the past who they assume will be enemies in the future.

One example of this is the study of David Koresh (see Filling the Ranks). He didn’t reincarnate in Mordor where he could be controlled. They used his mother by making her believe demons were attacking her children. She thought “god” told her to kill them to save their souls – so she did.

Below is another example using the same zombie selection technique. This guy was an enemy of the Neo Con faction of the Republican Party. Do the Controllers of the Neo Cons want gun control?

If you are thinking Capt McCoy is not the only one out there who knows about and researches reincarnation, you are correct.

Joseph P Addabbo
Jeff Weise

On the left is the birth chart of Congressman Joseph P Addabbo, D, Queens, NY. Addabbo was known for his support of racial equality. He was also known for his hawkish stance against the military spending of the Reagan administration. His district was even redrawn in an attempt to remove him from office. He was a thorn in the sides of the Neo Cons.

On the right is the birth chart of Jeff Weise, a 16 year old Ojibwe boy who killed 9 and injured 5 others in a school shooting before turning his weapon on himself. An obvious brainwashee; Weise idolized Adolf Hitler (also a set up) and tried to convince other indigenous students of his merit. He had made two attempts at suicide the year prior to the mass shooting. Another school shooting to make a case for gun control.