History Repeats Itself, Sort Of

To take over Germany the Controllers used their psychic army of infiltrators. They had their guys in the military, priesthood, royalty and police. They manufactured a revolution and used it to take over the country. The puppet leader of this “revolution” purged the nation of undesirables and set the stage for the populace to be reborn into a socialist world. Ever wonder why Hitler received such a welcome by the German aristocratic generals?

The end game in this charade was to have Hitler overthrown and replaced by the man who controlled the armies in Germany proper, Generaloberst Friedrich Fromm. In July of 1944 it became apparent the Germans were going to lose. Fromm‘s staff attempted to assassinate Hitler in a last ditch effort at rule. Fromm would have been declared the new “liberator” (he was actually Hitler’s handler) and the German’s could sue for a peace agreement. The July 20 plot failed.

Did you know; Adolf Hitler remained in the army after WWI and became an intelligence operative. He was assigned to join the DAP (German Workers Party) to spy on the organization.

The same plan doesn’t seem to be working as well this time. The attempt is to overthrow the government by getting operatives and the gullible to commit treasonous acts. At the same time a revolution is fomented. If the problems of the nation are successfully handled people won’t want to revolt. Their plan to concurrently build up Marxist states and conquer the middle east with a Shia Empire does.