Oil For the War Machine

One of the Controllers’ next empires, being put together by Vlad Putin, is going to need oil for their next war. Just as important to them is to deny oil to Nato and the West. It was part of the Third Reich’s problem last time. In fact, they probably wouldn’t have invaded the Soviet Union if it weren’t for the desire to keep fueling their war. Anti-Bolshevik rhetoric was just a way to motivate their people and troops.

They have been hard at work securing those sources since the 70s. The “Shia Empire” born of the Iranian Revolution was the first step in that process. This was a con job where Fromm (claiming to have been Rommel) and associates got the Carter administration to help the Ayatollah Khomeini return from exile in France. See History of Two Controllers

Getting the US to invade Iraq so the majority Shias would control the country was another. Fromm and associates conned George Jr’s administration to do that. It took a few tries. Getting a rogue pilot to attack the USS Stark didn’t get the US to cut the funding of Saddam Hussein; a covert attempt to help Iran win the war. Getting Hussein to invade Kuwait didn’t work either. It took manipulation after 9/11. See Iraqi Government Delayed.

Attempting to demonize Saudi Arabia with fake identification papers for 9/11 hijackers was another. See Naval Bases for a New Empire

The idea is to assure Russian access to middle eastern oil and deny it to the west. I wonder why the Controllers of Mordor want to do that.