Maxwell Sentenced

Ghislane Maxwell was recently sentenced to 20 years for assisting Jeffrey Epstein (CNN). Epstein was used to get dirt on influential people, politicians and future politicians; to be used as leverage. These people would conform to the will of the handlers when deemed necessary. Maxwell is an environmentalist who created the TerraMar foundation for the preservation of the world’s oceans. The organization closed it’s doors when Maxwell was arrested.

There are more “Epsteins” running around out there. As they hated him they used him for the job they knew he would eventually fall for; getting control of the already powerful.They attempted to make it look like he worked for Israel and invented the conspiracy theories to go with.

We have seen how Epstein was used as a disposable agent to do the dirty work of his former enemies (from his past life, click above). When we consider Maxwell we are lead to an interesting question. Why was she used as his assistant? Obviously it is easier for a woman to convince girls to attend Epstein’s parties. But why her and how?

The answer to both those questions may be the same. She was lead to believe through “misunderstanding” (lying with pure thought) her efforts would result in environmentalists taking over. Her handler, probably a female, was able to convince her the dirt Epstein was gaining on people would facilitate a positive change in the world. What she didn’t get was they are not environmentalists, they are socialists. They want to control middle eastern oil and build huge armies for their next lifetime. They will not cause any real environmental change through their ability to control people’s minds or politicians they own. They would no longer have that selling point to get people to help them if they did. Maxilaine was a descendant of Jews although raised an Anglican; another reason they didn’t like her.

Karl Marx never talked about environmentalism. He did have some interesting things to say about black people and Jews.

Some people, who know, actually make a deal with the devil so to speak. They serve in order to have a better next lifetime. One example is Jack Ruby, the man who killed Lee Harvey Oswald (Case Study 36). Oswald was the man held in connection with the assassination of President John F Kennedy in 1963. Ruby killed him before he could be tried. Ruby’s reward was a dubious one and note he was kept in their service.

Don’t believe everything they think.