Oil For the Next Empire

Conquering the Middle East for control of oil for their future Empires war machine has been a priority of the Controllers of Mordor this entire lifetime. They started a new Shia Empire starting in Iran and fooled the US Neo Cons into dismantling the Sunni government in Iraq. This was to open the door to Shia control, possibly through Muqtada al-Sadr.

They have been working hard to discredit the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia, also Sunnis. The 9/11 hijackers were provided fake passports while in Germany. They were given false Saudi identities. The choice of nation for these false documents was not a coincidence.

Jamal Kashoggi, a dissident Saudi journalist, was reportedly killed by a Saudi hit team. He had been in self imposed exile in Recap Erdogan‘s Turkiye ( tur KAY). The hit team leaders were acquitted by the Saudi government.

Now, Russia and China are coveting a new relationship with Saudi Arabia, a long time ally of the west (Newsweek). Stories critical of the punishments dealt out for crime in the Kingdom have increased in frequency in the press, while the same punishments for crime in Iran have not (Manufacturing Consent, Chomsky).

Now all they need is some money and souls to take with them.