Sacrificial Zombies

In a place with as many Giants as the Northwest, how is it possible mass murderers and child molesters go unnoticed? They don’t. There is no way these people could get away with their crimes unnoticed. They could easily guide law enforcement to interfere with these crimes.

These people are being brainwashed, guided and used to conduct these crimes. There is a purpose. One purpose is to put their soul firmly under their control which is done between lifetimes. Their subconscious is programmed to serve their new handler. Handlers obey Controllers, who can also handle people. Programing is largely based on sexual punishment (rape) and sexual reward. This goes for the male and female subjects. In this way they (the souls) remember what has occurred as opposed to torture (or simulated stressful death) which is used to erase the memory. Depending on the individual, punishment sex may do the same thing.

One purpose of harvesting women and gay people is political. They can be used to get at people who may be attracted to them. A very good example is in Case Study 33. A political target can be manipulated or set up using women or gay men (Politico). Making it illegal for them have sex out of wedlock or be gay makes it easier to harvest them from an official position; ie The Law.

Molesting children has the same affect on them as circumcision. The idea is to create low self esteem and a sense of futility. If a priest is the molester no one believes the victim. They become a beaten spirit, incapable of revolutionary thought or action. It is psychological manipulation and evidence of it is found in the most ancient of texts.

Controllers brainwash specific people to be molesters. This is to protect their favored molesters, or even themselves. If a molester (or killer) is to be used in a risky situation, they will use the programmed one – one that was formerly an opponent. If these programmed zombies are arrested or killed it’s no loss. Further people who do understand reincarnation and charts will be misled into thinking the good guys are the bad guys. They can use this person to take the blame for the crimes of molesters the Controller values, ones that loyally serve their masters.

Here is an example of one such zombie. He was sacrificed after attention was drawn to Phil’s attempt to set up his own son in northern Oregon. Phil was assisted by a molester, reportedly from southern Washington, in a similar vehicle. Someone had to be sacrificed because the facts of the first paragraph had been pointed out. It helps their political goals if a liberal Handler, or one that assumes the role of a liberal, is seen as the perpetrator. It also helps to make up a story like pizzagate.

See the other mustang after the assassination of MLK.

Here is the sacrificial zombie.

Raoul Wallenberg

This is Raoul Wallenberg (4 August 1912 – disappeared 17 January 1945). Wallenberg was a Swedish diplomat to Budapest who issued passports to, and hid, Jews on the embassy grounds. He was able to save tens of thousands of Jews from the holocaust. It was believed he had ties to US intelligence. Near the end of the war he was taken prisoner by the Soviet Union. The Kremlin issued a statement saying he had died suddenly while in custody.

There have been numerous theories about his disappearance and reported “sightings” of him in mental institutions up until 1987. Vyacheslav Nikonov was charged by the Russian government with investigating Wallenberg’s fate in 1991. “He concluded that Wallenberg died in 1947, executed while a prisoner in Lubyanka. He may have been a victim of the C-2 poison (carbylamine-choline-chloride) tested at the poison laboratory of the Soviet secret services.

Robert Munger

This man is Robert Munger (Nov 30, 1949 – June 10, 2020). Munger was a child molester from southern Washington State. He had been programmed and handled to serve the fascist Controllers as punishment for saving Jews. He was sentenced, at the age of 70, to 43 years in prison by the Cowlitz County court. He was beaten to death by fellow inmates at a prison in Spokane County.