A Different Kind of Special Servant

In yesterday’s post (Other Zombies and a Special Servant) we discussed a “special” servant. His past life (possibly lives) gave him familiarity with the culture of the well to do. There are other souls with different talents.

The agenda of these Controllers should become apparent. Although some play the role of left wingers, some the role of right wingers. They are socialists. The way to mislead the left, or right, is to convince the members you are one of them.

This soul was a politician, writer and influential man. He would be a great person to be used to convince others who would be well placed in society that Marxism was a good idea. His crime was turning against it in his prior lifetime.

Karl Kautsky
Eugene Victor Wolfenstien

On the left is the birth chart of Karl Kautsky. Kautsky was a socialist who helped edit Karl Marx‘s “Theory of Surplus Value” at the behest of Friedrich Engels. He was critical of the Bolsheviks. He was a member of the SPD who initially supported Hitler’s war but changed his mind when it became apparent the war would be a long one. He co authored “The Erfurt Program” with August Bebel and Eduard Bernstein (see Case Study 10). Marxisms’ vulnerability to exploitation by dictators is antithetical to democratic principles. Complete economic control is based in feudalism. His life is a testament to these facts. His wife died in Auschwitz.

“Foreign tourists in Russia stand in silent amazement before the gigantic enterprises created there, as they stand before the pyramids, for example. Only seldom does the thought occur to them what enslavement, what lowering of human self-esteem was connected with the construction of those gigantic establishments.” Karl Kautsky

On the right is the birth chart of Eugene Victor Wolfenstein, a prominent professor of political science at UCLA. He was a psychoanalyst and social theorist. He must have been convinced to change his mind back between lifetimes. He taught slavery and racism were the result of capitalism and lectured on Marx and Nietsche. Slavery existed long before capitalism. Socialist Nazi Germany and communist Soviet Union used slavery in their concentration camps and gulags. He may not have remembered that part. Then again, maybe he did.