The Shit Show In Santa Fe

The Shit Show has more than one purpose. The primary function is to brainwash people. It’s secondary goal is to hide the primary function. The tertiary objective is to put on a political show. They demonize or demean their detractors and make themselves seem better or important. The show is also an attempt at censorship.

Let us define brainwashing. We can refer to it as any method used to get someone to believe something to be true that isn’t or to forget something that is true.

We are observing those who are out of their bodies. The one’s observed are living people. There also dead souls, out of their bodies until they reincarnate. When out of body or in a dream state the mental process are altered. It is more difficult to focus. The mind is more open to suggestion. Hypnosis and certain drugs can induce a similar state.

The method is quite simple. An epiphany is arrived at and a mass understanding is reached. The Controllers don’t want anyone to remember the knowledge. They will attack someone. Pain, simulated death or rape is inflicted upon this target. The victim will forget. Most of the out of body observers will also forget as they will be caught up in emotion at the horror. The dead will not remember anyway, there is time remaining before they will be reborn. The in body observers will probably forget as well, if they were privy to the epiphany at all.

The slang term used or command term is “fuck him (her/them) up.” This also refers to the fact that after the attack the victim(s) are basically zombies- they are “fucked up.” Their will is sapped and they are easily controlled, even from a distance, by someone else. This is called puppet mastery. What happens after is probably lost time for them. This means they don’t remember their dream or out of body experience. Lost time while in the common awake state is a different matter, usually of possession.

The attack delivers another brainwashing element to the equation. The subconscious will retain a fear of the attackers. This subconscious “memory” is carried into normal awake states and into the souls’ next lifetime. The victims are not cognizant of it but will react to the oppressors in an agreeable manner.

This makes it easier for Controllers, Handlers and certain of their servants to intimidate, receive promotions, take leadership and influential roles. This will even work in their next lifetime. It becomes easier for them to attain affection, particularly by their victims. The average person is completely oblivious. If questioned, for example, “Why did you promote this employee rather than this more qualified one?” they won’t be able to provide a reasonable answer. This is the same reason people are killed in horrible fashion by the Controllers or, more often, by their zombies in real time. This frees the Controllers from legal ramifications.

The Shit Show is conducted as a political act. The whole thing is observed, always. Fromm (who claims to be Rommel) rehearses his facial expressions for this reason. When they “fuck someone up” they want to present a picture that there is a reason other than brainwashing. For instance, a fucked up zombie girl can be made to perform whatever sex acts a puppet master makes her. The person(s) performing with her may or may not also be fucked up. prior to this their voices may be used to put on a charade. I’m mad at you for such and such a reason and the whole episode is played off as “revenge sex.” Fromm and one of his cohorts likes to puppeteer from behind his son while the latter is sleeping or not paying attention, then claim his son is causing it. Fromm will then use a rehearsed expression to play it off.

This keeps people from remembering these victims were forcibly raped. It also hides the fact their lives (in their bodies) are in very real danger if the Controllers decide to eliminate them. The show serves to demean their enemy, to hide the truths he is attempting to reveal. It gives the weak minded a false sense of security and superiority. Worse, observers (even sleeping ones) will be more likely to repeat the witnessed behavior in their waking state. They Gumby brained will tend to glorify and commit rape but will be completely unaware of why.

US crime statistics on rape reflect the presence of the Controllers.They incarnated in the country. The rise of anti-Semitism, racism and gun violence can be similarly attributed. These effects are created intentionally.

The one’s controlling the show are the puppet masters. They are the big ones looking down or from nearby, at the “stage.” They will sometimes lie on their stomachs to keep a lower profile. The stage is lit with energy by a Controller. The puppet masters (also Controllers or Handlers) will be using dark energy to blend in with the night. They use blue to blend in with daytime sky. The show is conducted in an impromptu fashion but they often talk about their performances ahead of time. They plan their goals.

The Controllers do not live in the town where they are currently putting on their show. They are primarily from Mordor. They lie and say they are from the targeted town. They have servants they Handled to move to the targeted town. The purpose is to conceal their identity and demonize the entire town because information about them is abundant. The people have been observing them. If their target leaves they will simply follow; their bodies are safe at home in Mordor.

They like to appear to be conservative to play off they are socialists, racists who desire gun control. They pretend to punish Fromm (Phil) by attacking someone else and calling him Phil. Appearing to not be working with Phil (who calls himself Rommel) is part of their “god and satan,” act

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