The Big Socialist Con

The Business Plot in the United States (1933) was a plan revealed to Congress by former USMC Commandant Smedley Butler. Butler claimed he was approached by representatives of wealthy business leaders who wanted to start a socialist, fascist style takeover of the US. This was to be modeled after the rise of the Nazis in Germany with Butler as their figurehead.

The wealthy business owners believed it was a way to cement their family fortunes for perpetuity. They would always be the ones running the largest companies in the nation.

The Congressional Committee set up to investigate Butler’s claims reported the affair was unsubstantiated. Under the Freedom of Information Act, 30 years later in 1963, a memo was found from the committee stating all of Butler’s claims were true. If it wasn’t for Butler the world might be a very different place today.

Would the leaders of industry really have gotten to keep control of their companies under a new socialist regime? Eventually the new socialist government would have taken their assets. It would be a political necessity and, as the socialist leaders wanted complete control of the society, inevitable. The industrialists had been fooled and, fortunately for them as well as everyone else, stopped.

After the purges of Jews, blacks and other minorities; after the criminalization of religion and a US holocaust – the industries would be nationalized.

The NSDAP (Hitler and the Nazis) takeover of Germany strictly speaking wasn’t socialist. The party did not nationalize all industry. This goes against the political philosophy they espoused. The companies remained in the hands of the business owners. Nazi officials told them what and how much to produce and provided them with the slave labor of incarcerated Jews.

The reason is obvious, they needed the support of those leaders to take over the country in the first place. Money and influence helped them rise to power, first in the Reichstag (German Congress) and then with the appointment of Hitler to an executive post.

Realistically the ownership of the companies was on paper only. True control of production was dictated by the Nazis. If the Third Reich had been successful, how long would it have taken for them to nationalize the industries? Probably not long.

The Socialist Controllers, formerly fascist gods of the Third Reich, want what they always have. They want to purge minorities in particular Jews. They want gun control because they are just living men. They want to be worshiped so they want a holocaust. They want to take over the nation.

They play the role of democrat and use sorcery in attempts at gun control. They try to start a race war and claim it’s the environmentalists. They handle (guide) puppets in an attempt to take over the nation. These ones pretend to be republicans. They have fooled Catholics and the Neo Cons to weaken the nation and advance their international political agenda. They have attempted to sabotage these institutions; revealing the very actions they conned the leaders into.

Is it any wonder the superstitious in the CIA supported Castro, Pol Pot, Saddam Hussein and the Ayatollah Khomeini among other socialist butchers?