The Grand Charade

Fromm, that is Phil (calls himself Rommel but isn’t) likes to make up stories. Presently his narrative is he’s saving his son from the “evil city” of his friends. This means demonizing the city through his Shit Show. He wants his son back in his fiefdom of Mordor where he can more easily control the narrative. He has plenty of fake sons running around to throw people off. The politician psychics of Mordor are persistent.

This false narrative Fromm will play to the hilt. He is the father of lies (John 8:44-56) and a vampire politician. What he wants is to continue vampiring energy and playing god. The vampire, the son and the unholy ghost. They put his son, as they do with other high energy souls, into a vampire family for the purpose of control.

Another strategy they use is to replace Fromm with someone else, another friend of his son, and call him “Phil” instead. This is to make people think he’s not the one his son is teaching about and to make people think the problem has been taken care of.

It will be difficult for Fromm (calls himself Rommel but wasn’t) to continue deceiving world leaders if this doesn’t work. How is he going to get politicians to do stupid things like Iran Contra, and then have his buddies screw them over in order take over? How is he going to get nations with his minions running them to invade other countries? How is he going to get terrorists to strike and make it look like an inside job?

It’s a charade of epic proportions. The rapists (straight and gay) work for Fromm as well as other fiends. Some loyalists serve directly and some indirectly. The latter are being fucked up and then used as puppets.

Understand this about Fromm; he believes he was Abraham and he believes he was Adam. He named his son to trade places with him, and pass the buck. The rabbinical interpretation was adopted by the Romans when Christianity was institutionalized.

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