Pink Triangles

We saw in yesterday’s post (First Inductees Into Auschwitz) the Nazi’s detained girls and young women in their camps first. This was to provide sex slaves to be raped by their troops and, after they died, to their gods (themselves actually). When the girls reincarnated they would be (and are) subservient to their Nazi overlords. Observing the giants today this should come as no surprise.

The affect of the experience on their subconscious is fear. Their conscious mind does not remember as the abuse happened between lifetimes. The result is obedience without understanding why they submit. It can result in a dysfunctional type of “love” the woman will feel toward the one who murdered them. This is the intention of the brainwasher and part of some cult beliefs. Ever wonder why serial killers get love letters from so many women? They were burned at the stake too many times.

What about the gays that were detained in the concentration camps? It was for the same purpose. Gays were told to wear pink triangles, were rounded up and put into the camps. They were also raped into submission between lifetimes. Some of the giants are gay and some are bisexual. Some of the Roman Emperors, giants worshiped as gods, were known for being bisexual. This also should come as no surprise.

In this way the Nazis harvested souls, providing them servants for the afterlife or rather, their next reincarnation. The giants use their gay servants for sex and to set up political opponents. They rape the male underlings to be served by them – even the ones who aren’t actually gay.

For this reason gay men and adulterous women have been stoned to death, burned at the stake, and cast from high places. Political opponents could be accused of the same even if they weren’t really gay or adulterous. Clever right?