Grooming Souls

In the last two posts The First Inductees to Auschwitz and Pink Triangles, we discussed the technique used in gaining souls of women and gays by the giant fascist Controllers. The women and gays are used after they reincarnate for sex and as political weapons. Between lifetimes sex and rape are used as reward and punishment. The goal is to get the person to believe as the Controllers want them to. They can hear the thoughts of the their subjects.

This technique has been used to program members of societies for a long time. They get souls that believe that one of the Controllers is God or a god in the case of pagan societies. This is why children can have a predisposition for superstition.

The behavior modification doesn’t stop there. Certain reincarnated children are programmed in their sleep (controlled dreams) and groomed by handlers (evil spirit guides). The guys doing this are white wealthy men who in the past were members of royalty. They get out of their bodies to accomplish these tasks and wish to be perceived as gods, demons, ghosts, aliens etc; anything but living men.

Planting an illogical belief in souls is used as a flag. An example idea might be “the mother of Jesus was a virgin.” This is illogical and useful. If someone stops believing it a fascist psychic will notice the programming is failing on this individual.

These women and gays are prevented from the pursuit of equal rights efforts in the society they will reincarnate to. They will be controlled. This is why often we see former feminist writers (Interesting Case of Female Writers) and activists (Zombie Women) taken as children. We also see women who are loved by someone they wish to target taken (Harvesting Women). They are turned into servants not activists.

Controllers do not want societies to have female or gay equality. One way they soul harvest is through bigotry. They set up religions to stone , burn or throw women and gays off buildings. One way they are used after programming is through bigotry. They discredit an opponent because they have sex out of wedlock or are perceived as gay. Today they even make targets appear to be bigots. Then they set their gay fascists after them. The Controllers don’t obey these rules of course – the rules are for the masses. They simply pretend to be wise and holy judges or concerned friends (or fathers) of the targets in the shows they create.

The rapists and child molesting psychic fascists were noticed at some point. Their response was to program and/or posses former enemies to do some of their dirty work. These are used for the more risky jobs and to be scapegoats for the crimes of their boys. If they are caught anyone who does their charts will see they were the enemies of the Nazis. They will not understand the criminals were programmed, guided and possibly possessed by Nazis. They will not understand there are dozens more out there that are Nazis.

Child molesters are used to spread dysfunction and are helped into positions giving them access to victims. The Controllers are pursuing the destruction of religions that hold their history through Marxism. Helping the molesters into churches serves a dual purpose. When the crimes are discovered it discredits the church. Some of the molesters may have been church leaders for the fascists before. These efforts are also blamed on leftists like the Clintons through their “alt” propaganda system. Because they are Marxists they want to be perceived as right wingers.

Raoul Wallenberg

This is Raoul Wallenberg (4 August 1912 – disappeared 17 January 1945). Wallenberg was a Swedish diplomat to Budapest who issued passports to, and hid, Jews on the embassy grounds. He was able to save tens of thousands of Jews from the holocaust. It was believed he had ties to US intelligence. Near the end of the war he was taken prisoner by the Soviet Union. The Kremlin issued a statement saying he had died suddenly while in custody.

There have been numerous theories about his disappearance and reported “sightings” of him in mental institutions up until 1987. Vyacheslav Nikonov was charged by the Russian government with investigating Wallenberg’s fate in 1991. “He concluded that Wallenberg died in 1947, executed while a prisoner in Lubyanka. He may have been a victim of the C-2 poison (carbylamine-choline-chloride) tested at the poison laboratory of the Soviet secret services.

Robert Munger

This man is Robert Munger (Nov 30, 1949 – June 10, 2020). Munger was a child molester from southern Washington State. He had been programmed and handled to serve the fascist Controllers as punishment for saving Jews.

During the Shit Show of the Northwest in 2017, Phil was using a molester pretending to be his son to set up the former traveling in a similar vehicle. It didn’t work. They had to arrest someone and Munger was their choice; because of his past life. We can’t say for sure he was the one being used in the setup game.

He was sentenced, at the age of 70, to 43 years in prison by the Cowlitz County court. He was transferred to a prison in Spokane County, near Phil. This was to play off his involvement (see Case Study 4). The brother of one of Munger’s victims was put in the same cell. He killed Munger. “Righteous retribution.”