Harvesting Women

We’ve seen different reasons the soul harvesting fascist Controllers have children murdered. The reason is to gain control of their soul before they are reborn. The motivations vary. One example is someone who was valuable they want to own again. An example would be Udo von Worysch (Case Study 6). Another would be someone they want to prevent interfering with them like feminist writer Susan Sontag (Case Study 13). We’ve seen they don’t like musicians as a general rule like Howie Epstein (Case Study 9).

This study is about controlling a woman who is the love interest of someone they want to influence or get at. Much like Phil the deceiver, who says he is Rommel but isn’t, uses people to get at his son. He attacks and intimidates people from his son’s past to use as “witness” in his kangaroo court. The women from his son’s life were his friends in a past life as well. They are raped or used to put on a sex show for the lowest common denominators in society.

This is another example of the Controllers of Mordor acquiring a soul to influence someone they wish to control. Obviously they do not have Joseph Goebbles reincarnation in their house.

Lida Baarova
Tylee Vallow

On the left is the birth chart of Lida Baarova, a Czech actress best known for her affair with Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels. Her life was tragic. She was banished by the German occupiers because of her affair. After the war she was shunned because of her suspected collaboration with the Nazis. She was even imprisoned for a time in Czechoslovakia after the war. All of this for decisions made while a young woman in a difficult time. She died in 2000. A Netflix movie The Devil’s Mistress. tells her story.

On the right is the birth chart of Tylee Vallow. She and her brother went missing in September of 2019. Their parents have been arrested in connection with the deaths as their remains were recently found on the parents’ property.

One could see how a love from a past lifetime could be used to manipulate and individual. Joseph Goebbels, whoever he is now, is about 73 years old.