The Catcher in the Rye – A Conspiracy

Allan Dulles figures widely in popular conspiracy theories. He was He was at one time the director of the CIA. John F Kennedy fired him over the Bay of Pigs incident. Dulles was appointed to head the Warren Commission investigating his former bosses death. This, as one can imagine, makes him suspect in the assassination (Daily Beast). Or does it?

Appointing him to the position would be an excellent way to set him up for a fall. That’s a level of manipulation most would not suspect – quite obviously. But it is one the great white skinned giants of darkness would go to.

What would the giants dislike about Dulles? He was the man who exposed the “Protocols of the WIse Men of Zion” to be a fraud. Something the US government didn’t want to address at the time. During World War II he served with as an effective OSS agent in Switzerland.

The novel by JD Salinger, “Catcher in the Rye” figures in it’s own conspiracy theory (HuffPost). The novel was in the possession of the Lee Harvey Oswald, John Hinckely Jr and Mark David Chapman.

JD Salinger was part of a US Army counter intelligence unit called the RItchie Boys during WWII. The unit was made up of soldiers who spoke European languages and interrogated prisoners of war. This has made the book the subject of a conspiracy saying it was part of a mind control experiment involving MK Ultra. Allan Dulles from above has also been associated with the infamous program’

The reality is more weird. Controller and Handlers are wealthy fascist people who get out of their bodies (astrally project) and control people. The book “The Catcher in the Rye” is a tag; bragging rights for the guy who handled those people. He was able to have his subjects have a copy of the book because he didn’t like JD Salinger; the Controller was a Nazi or Nazi sympathizer sorcerer.

The targets seem to have nothing in common. Why were Dem President JFK, Rep President R Reagan and Beattle’s frontman John Lennon attacked by the of the same handler? They all opposed the fascist giants manipulations. JFK did not want to escalate US involvement in Vietnam. Reagan’s attempted assassination failed. Hinckley, using a pistol, missed the former president. The event did help to promote gun control. John Lennon, an influential song writer, would have opposed any socialist revolution or race war for the environment.

The fascist giants are just people out of their bodies. They are wealthy white men. They are reincarnated Nazis, the ones who created the Third Reich and controlled the leaders we are led to believe were the actual bosses.

These guys like to cover their activities by blaming their enemies. The governments and institutions of the free world are often the targets. This is to encourage revolution. They commit a crime, cook up false “conspiracy theory” and blame it on democracy. They deal in lies. They also handle socialist tyrants, helping them move to positions of power in targeted nations.

It is important to understand the source of these conspiracy theories are the fascist giants who are behind the activities in question.

This is Allan Dulles;

Allen Dulles

This is the chart of Allen Welsh Dulles (April 7, 1893 – January 29, 1969). Dulles was a lawyer who became head of the Council on Foreign Relations and worked for the League of Nations in Germany. After witnessing the treatment of German Jews he influenced Sullivan and Cromwell to close their office in Berlin. He helped expose the “Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion” as a fraud but was unable to persuade the State Department to denounce it.

He was recruited by the OSS in 1941 and moved to Bern, Switzerland where he organized intelligence efforts against the Nazi regime. He dealt with resistance fighters, intelligence operatives and refugees providing information on German troop movements, war plans and technologies.

He later worked for the CIA during the Cold War Era. And was one of the chief architects of the agency. He was a doer and an achiever.

David Brom

This is the chart of David Brom (October 3, 1971). Brom was convicted of murdering his parents, his sister and his younger brother with an axe. He was 16 at the time. He and his older brother Joseph (18) were not in the house when the police discovered the bodies. David was convicted mostly on his confession. Joseph died in 2016. David is serving three consecutive life sentences.