A Victim Who Wasn’t an Enemy

We’ve seen how the fascist controllers kill and brainwash opponents to their socialist and racist world domination plan. We’ve seen how they then use these brainwashed souls in their control plots (Case Study 7 and Case Study 33). In a recent post we saw two victims of Wesley Alan Dodd, another former enemy turned into a zombie and used to harvest souls.

The interesting thing about this next case; he was a loyal Nazi. Udo von Worysch did everything right in the eyes of the fascist Controllers. This brings us to a important point. Controller sorcerers fear the threat to their domination presented by their own handlers and loyalists. The one’s they have trained and used.

Usually they keep their troopers under control by sending them to war and making sure they die. They use the same programming strategies on them as they do with anyone else; rape. A young handler, one that will outlive the Controllers in their current lifetime, might upset their seat of power. They don’t want fanfare about this next victim. They don’t mind their guys knowing about the others.

This is the 3rd victim of zombie Wesley Alan Dodd. They risked Dodd being arrested to get at this guy. The target was in Oregon and Dodd was guided (handled) to cross the Columbia River; the border between the two states. Dodd did get arrested where his handlers didn’t have a way to distract or control the police.

Udo Von Worysch
Lee Joseph Iseli

On the left is the chart of Udo Von Worysch (24 July 1895 – 14 January 1983) first commander of the SS-Oberabschnitt Südost. A convicted war criminal held responsible for “The Night of the Long Knives.” He was very close to Heinrich Himmler and Reinhard Heydrich. He served time for war crimes and died in 1983.

On the right is the chart of Lee Joseph Iseli (29 January, 1985 – 30 October 1989) third victim of Wesley Allan Dodd (Case Study 4). Worysch was such a high value target Dodd’s controller risked and lost him in the acquisition of Worysch’s soul. Worysch, now with a new name, is about a 30 years old zombie. Dodd probably would not have been caught if he had stayed on his side of the river.