Crimean Fallacy

One of the fallacies associated with Russian President for Life Vlad Putin‘s invasion of Ukraine, and of the Crimea in 2014, is their need for a port on the Black Sea. It’s too bad people regurgitating this bit of propaganda have limited knowledge of geography. A scan of the map above will reveal the Russian Federation has ample coastline on the inland sea.

The question then becomes why shouldn’t Ukraine have a port? The Crimea is originally part of Ukraine. The population was altered by Josef Stalin, who deported people he didn’t want living there and imported Russians. Putin, being a former KGB agent who laments the fall of the Soviet Union, would obviously like to follow in his hero’s footsteps.

Perhaps there is more to the story. Putin’s gods may want total control of the Black Sea. Consider on the southern coast is Recep Erdogan‘s Turkiye. There is a conflict going on with Azerbijan’s invasion of Armenia, just SE of Georgia. In ancient times all this trouble might be viewed as an act of God.