The New Replacement Theory

First we had the White Replacement Theory. This line of bs claims the leftists in the US want to replace white people with minorities. Rest assured the white population is still the majority in America and probably will remain so. No one is worrying about demographics in the US except for a small, vocal minority of white supremacists.

Now we have the AI Replacement Theory. This one’s a doozy. The claim is that AI robots will replace the working class. There will be no employment for real people, who presumably will be watching reality shows and eating chips from that time forward. The reality shows will be boring because the only people to watch will also be eating chips and watching TV.

The phrase “working class” should be a red flag; it stinks of Marxism. The theory states that the US will become a Socialist, or even Communist state by default. If there’s no employment people will still need housing and food. Theorists go further, saying that population reduction on a mass scale would be instated because people will no longer have an intrinsic value to the “ruling elite.”

Sounds dystopian in a Logan’s Run kind of way. It would suck to have to die at the age of 21 over and over. No one would ever figure out the truth.

The answer to this conundrum? Theorists claim we must adopt a Socialist form of government to prevent AI from ruling the world. This is a ridiculous argument. How does adopting a form of government prone to exploitation by a “ruling elite,” who are supposedly going to create AI, be a solution to the “ruling elite” creating AI? The only people who could cook up such nonsense would be “ruling elite” themselves. Unless these theorists are complete idiots.

Consider, if there is really a “ruling elite,” does anyone think they would actually hand control of the world to AI? These “ruling elite” are by definition megalomaniacs. They won’t hand power over to anyone or anything. Claiming AI is running the world would give them an alibi however. They could claim AI is responsible for things like assassinations or accidental and suspicious deaths. AI might be accused of causing wars. It may be claimed the big bad computer system is holding the world hostage. People could be lead to think they must go along with whatever weird narrative is created.

The truth is, even with robots there will still be jobs for people to do. There is no reason to have a panic attack. Should AI be trusted? Probably not. This is an ethical question worthy of healthy debate. The necessity for transparency in the evolution of AI is obvious. However, no one in a position of authority is going to hand the future of mankind over to AI, be they power hungry or idealistic.

Could it be both of these “Replacement Theories” originated at the same source?