What Are You Really Seeing?

What you are seeing is a show, semi scripted. What is really going on is brainwashing and memory erasing. This is how it works.

If you get fucked up while out of body you won’t remember the experience. It’s like not remembering a dream. If a group of travelers sees something, has an epiphany or receives someone else’s epiphany the fascist giants don’t like, they fucked up the travellers. The fascists are putting on a show to “demonstrate” their narrative; the narrative of Phil.

Generally this is done with rape, but it can be done with torture or death enactment. The experience if completely real for the victim, pain and all. The rape is used to punish an offender but not necessarily erase their memory.

This is the same method used to erase memories of the dead. Religion covers it up by saying they are in purgatory. This is untrue. The dead may be trapped in a field created by one of the fascists, but they are not in eternal hell. They will will reincarnate like everyone else although programmed to fear, and therefore obey, the fascists. This is unreachable, implanted into their subconscious.

The fascist giants attack travelers in the fields of others, who are malevolent. They do this with their minds. You’ll see them chasing people, making them perform obscene actions or attacking each other, they are being “controlled.” You’ll here Phil yell a lot. This is usually to censor the thoughts or words of one they don’t want heard.

Another thing, they have been trying to replace Phil, attacking someone else and calling him Phil. This is while shielding the real Phil, who calls himself Rommel. They want to substitute him for someone else.