The Father of Lies

The ability of the fascist Controllers and Handlers to lie is the skill they hold in the highest regard. There are different levels of lying. It’s use and application are also important to their culture. They play roles and put on a show designed to manipulate all that can see it; the dead and the aware.

To tell a lie correctly, the out of body fascists must adhere to certain rules. The 7 Controllers and those most powerful are supposed to come first. Lies they make are not supposed to be contradicted. The Controllers create a false narrative for those who are aware, that narrative is not supposed to be contradicted. Any tricks the sorcerers use, for instance, using the psychic voices of others, is not to be revealed. They are expected to play along with those manipulations. They have another set of dogmatic beliefs, lies that conceal their abilities to control the aware. It’s simply another religion for another level.

Believing their own lies, with their minds, is the highest level. This skill is so important to the Controllers they teach it is not possible to do. They go to great lengths to make people think it is not possible. This gives them the ability to use the skill in many political ways.

An out of body Handler grasps the body of his subject and put his head over his. Even into his brain, melding their energy. This blocks the upper chakras. According to some Hindu beliefs demons only have the three lower chakras. Handy belief isn’t it?

Epstein’s and his Handler’s minds have been basically melded, or at least in communication. The Handler may, if powerful enough or with enough help, take over the subjects mind. The subject might not know the thoughts are not his or her own. The latter person is a “zombie.”

The Handler will also be taking in the energy of their subject. This can be beneficial for both parties and we would call the Handler a Guide. Generally the case is simple vampirism. The Handler needs the energy from a body and since they are out of theirs they take from the subject they want to handle. Leaving the lower chakras of the subject open allows the energy to flow in and be taken from the subject by the Handler.

Imagine a Handler using Jeffrey Epstein to get dirt on influential people. The people are enemies of and potentially useful people for the Controllers. To get Epstein to go along with the plan the Handler must make the idea appeal to Epstein. He can’t let his subject know the reason is world domination by using influential individuals they will get dirt on. The Handler must believe it is for the betterment of mankind, or to save the planet from environmental catastrophe. To make this happen his Handler must believe it as well. He must “KNOW” it or “UNDERSTAND” it. He also knows it is not the truth. He is lying with his mind, or “MISUNDERSTANDING.”

This concept can be applied to large groups of people. Those living in cities might find themselves in an energy field. That field can be filled with KNOWING or thoughts. Those thoughts will be believed by most of those in the field, if they are aware or not. That is key to their manipulations of the gumby brains.

If people in a field UNDERSTAND something a fascist Controller doesn’t like he may attack them. This is to erase that information from their memory. When they get back to their bodies they will not remember. When doing this in public they like to impromptu a charade to make it seem to be caused by something other than an attempt to brainwash someone. Appearing to be terrorists (which they are) is preferable to them than appearing to be programing people’s minds.

John 8:44-56