Voting Machines Are Connected

Midterms are coming up soon, and the US Senate still hasn’t passed HR1 “For the People Act.” That’s the bill that would require voting computers to be disconnected from the internet among other voter protection; if it were to become law.

It didn’t become law because of a Republican filibuster. The Democrat Senators wanted to halt the filibuster for this bill. Senator Joe Manchin (D, R, S, ?-WVa) refused to vote with the other Democrats to break it.

So far this century there have been a few contested votes. The first was George Bush Jr‘s contested presidential victory in 2000. Al Gore won the popular vote 48.4% to Bush Jr’s 47.9%; breathtakingly close. Bush received 271 electoral votes to Gore’s 266. Bush won in Florida by 537 votes, requiring a recount by state law. The Supreme Court in a controversial 5-4 decision, halted the recount. (Wikipedia)

The second was George Bush Jr’s victory in 2004. Having called BS on the 2000 election, the New Mexico vote really got messed with; with blatantly obvious election problems. It was as if someone was trying to get back at NM.

None of the votes in precinct 13, Taos Pueblo, showed a vote for president. In McKinley county were 75% of the population is Navajo, only 1 in 10 ballots showed a vote for president. In Bernalillo County precinct 512, Bush won 266 out of 166 votes cast, an amazing feat. In precinct 558 he won 319 out of 178 votes cast. This is only a sample of the voting inconsistencies. Source; Armed Madhouse by George Palast.

A petition was filed to investigate the vote in NM along with the required $200,000. Then governor Bill Richardson (associate of Jeffrey Epstein) decided to forgo the investigation as the 5 electoral votes wouldn’t have affected the outcome of the election. In the next legislative session the required amount to investigate an election in the state was raised to $2,000,000.

Did you know? Microsoft’s headquarters are in Redmond, WA.

The 2016 election of Donald Trump saw another anomalous win. Trump’s electoral votes beat Hillary Clinton’s popular vote win of 3 million votes. (Wikipedia) The FBI investigated a theory of Russian collusion but failed to establish a link.

In 2021 President for Life Vladimir Putin won a referendum allowing him to run for two more 6 year terms. The elections have been highly criticized by independent monitoring agencies and widespread fraud was reported. (ABC News) Putin has been the de facto leader of the Russian Federation since 1999.

Let’s encourage Congress to pass the HR1 “For the People Act” and get our voting machines disconnected from the internet.