Creating Zombies for the Narrative

The rapist sorcerers using black energy have always been rapists. They are white and wealthy men. They don’t let people learn their abilities who aren’t white.

In the past they would claim to be Jews or Blacks to cover their asses and aim anger at their enemies. They repeat their past patterns. They are not enlightened, just able to get out of their bodies, vampire energy, and do the things they do. They practice lifetime after lifetime and murder the competition – even when they are children.

It fits their narrative. They are wealthy white men often in positions of authority and importance. These positions include, but are not limited to; pastors/priests/psychologists, politicians, law enforcement, educators and military personnel.

They use rape as propaganda, punishment and for brainwashing. There have always been people who can see this. They take over religions and claim those being brainwashed are really being punished for their sins.

Another false narrative they use is the persons raping people are Jews or Blacks, and claim it as an excuse to persecute those people. Every large society is ruled by the lighter color race of their society.

The aware see it, the sleeping and the dead see it but don’t consciously remember it. Some people will actually admire, glorify and emulate the rapes. The white sorcerers increase the rats of rape and murder by influencing weaker minds. They influence weaker gumby minds with their own. The emulation of rape by members of the targeted race helps enhance the false narrative.

They can believe their own lies for they are pathological liars.

Above and below are examples of propaganda from the past. Nowadays they claim to be democrats – to demonize democrats and cover their own child murdering and abusing cults. See Westley Alan Dodd.