This BS is Coming From the Same Place

The BS never stops. It’s incessant pro-fascist agenda is packaged differently for sale; dependent upon it’s intended audiences. It’s transparent with a little critical thinking.

As pointed out yesterday, the alt right and alt left are being fed BS from the same source. Here’s an example; “The US should stop supplying military aid to Ukraine to make the war stop more quickly.” If the US, and NATO, stops supplying Ukraine with the means to defend herself Russia will overrun the place and kill even more civilians. The weakness of the NATO bloc and the US will perceived as an invite for China to invade Taiwan as the West will have sacrificed it’s credibility.

Obviously the fallacious statement italicized above is being fed to people via the gods of Mordor who inspired Vlad Putin to invade Ukraine in the first place. How do they spread their lies so efficiently? The “gods” are rich white guys backed by the wealthy white cultists who help finance their propaganda machine. Those cultists probably don’t realize the reason they worship and believe the “gods” is because their booties got brainwashed between lifetimes too.

To end the war more quickly and to stop human suffering the US and it’s NATO allies should provide enough aid for Ukraine to defeat the Russians.

Two missiles hit Polish territory recently. It is possible they came from a Ukraine anti missile defensive battery. The Ukrainians are trying to shoot down incoming Russian barrages aimed at power infrastructure and population centers. The Ukraine forces should be provided with a way to directly suppress these attacks. Missiles with adequate range would be capable of hitting the Russian launchers and driving those forces back. It’s better than playing defense, particularly if there are errant anti missile interceptors hitting allied nations.