Turkey Attacks the SDF

NATO member Turkey launched a new offensive against the Kurdish-led, Pentagon-backed Syrian Democratic Force (Newsweek on MSN). Turkish President for Life Recep Erdogan‘s forces are helping Syrian President for Life Bashir al-Assad using the excuse of attacking the PKK.

The SDF has many Kurdish fighters. The Kurdish PKK is considered a terrorist organization by Turkey, Syria, Iran and the former Iraqi government of Saddam Hussein. The US also labels the PKK a terrorist organization.

Russian Federation President for Life Vladimir Putin also benefits from the action. His beloved Naval base in Tartus is threatened by the revolutionary activity in Syria. It also hinders US action in Syria aimed at destroying ISIS.

Who’s side is Erdogan on anyway?

The Yazidis are part of the Kurd ethnic group. Their ancient Adam and Eve story details that Adam was given dominion of the earth. The 7 angels were told to worship him but one declined. Their believe is that Adam’s rule has destroyed the planet. The Controllers have been out to destroy the Yazidis with as much vigor as they strive to destroy the Jews.