Pieces of Covid

A primary source of misinformation comes from the QAnon posting site on EndChan. QAnon was hijacked sometime after March 15 of 2019. Brenton Harrison Tarrant shot up a mosque in Christchurch NZ and claimed he was a Q head. The Tarrant Zombie was actually committing this act, if he knew it or not, to discredit QAnon. The ploy didn’t work and Q became more popular. The site changed drastically. The owner of the platform is Jim Watkins a resident of Washington State.

Among other things (Rolling Stone), the QAnon site has since been responsible for misinformation about Covd 19 vaccinations. Such ideas that “Big Pharma” wants to kill people (reduce their customer base?) or there’s a “government plot” that wants the same thing (made up of moms and dads, cousins and brothers). It’s as if someone behind that site wants people to die from Covid by talking them out of getting vaccinated.

Dr Anthony Fauci took the anti-vaccination theory to a whole new level. He financially assisted research at Xi Jinping’s Wuhan Labs in China under the radar of government oversight (DailyMail). He was forced to stop by President Obama in 2014. Fauci knew they were researching “gain of function” virology (NYPost).

The problem then became Fauci’s lack of credibility. Anyone could have stood next to the president and said “get your shots, put on a mask.” Fauci saying it simply fed the anti-vaxxers conspiracy theory more fuel. Was this intentional? the paltry $7.7M Fauci gave the labs suggests so. The money required to fund a modern lab is much higher, his donation seems mostly for show.

Inside the Chinese lab poised to study world’s most dangerous pathogens” (Nature.com) 2017

Nobel Bio Researcher: COVID-19 Was Lab Accident“(NewsMax)”

Microbiologist claims the coronavirus was man-made in Wuhan lab” (The New Daily)

I worked with the Wuhan lab – I tried to warn them & I KNOW Covid was a lab leak” (The Sun)

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