Countdown to 9/11

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, a countdown to 9/11 was sounded out from Santa Fe, NM. It started over 100 days before the event. It was four days off – the countdown would have led to the event happening on the following Saturday, September 15th.

The government was supposed to issue a declaration of martial law because that’s what the fascist giant Phil wanted, and expected!

On September 10, 2001, then Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld went on national TV and gave a press briefing. He detailed the inability of the Pentagon to account for $2.3 trillion of spending. Note that this doesn’t mean they lost the money, their book keeping was unable to account for it (YouTube).

This was not an arbitrary or new number that Rumsfeld claimed could not be tracked. More than a year earlier, on July 20, 2000, Robert J. Lieberman, assistant inspector general for DOD, spoke to a task force of the House Budget Committee about the Department of Defense’s financial management and cited the $2.3 trillion amount” (LeadStories).

Why did Rumsfeld even bother to bring it up? This was not a new issue, just new for most people who get their news in 2 minute television segments. The blame for attack could go to the US government and the pentagon, the people who had decided not to declare martial law as those who manifested the attack had counted on. They knew this because of the countdown. The fascist giants of Mordor decided to go for body count rather than a martial law weekend and changed the day.

Rumsfeld was following instructions. The giants probably threatened him about his daughter who they could have pulled out and raped like they do now to in a censorship and intimidation campaign in the city they target.

James Calata
Lee Boyd Malvo

On the left is the chart of the Reverand James Arthur Calata. Calata was a South African Anglican and a founding member of the African National Congress. He joined the ANC in 1930. He and his wife were both arrested on different occasions. He attempted to bring a moderate approach to the fight for equality. In the latter years of his life he used his home as a refuge for the ANC and poverty stricken youth.

On the right is the chart of Lee Boyd Malvo. Malvo met John Allen Muhammed (Case Study 29) and Allah at the Bellingham, WA YMCA. Malvo was 17 years old at the time. Together they modified a vehicle to conceal a shooter and became the DC Highway shooters. Muhammed was sentenced to death and Malvo was sentenced to multiple life sentences. Malvo claims he was sexually abused by Muhammed.