They Want to Save Us From Themselves

One of the more interesting claims of the Controllers of Mordor, in particular their mouthpiece Phil, is they want to save us from living in a surveillance state they claim the US government is creating. Their answer: let them take over.

There’s a problem with this claim. Phil and his MFs played angels of Allah to the DC Snipers who were led to the Bellingham YMCA. The DC Snipers went on a shooting spree near the US Capitol to encourage support for the Patriot Act, the biggest piece of surveillance legislation our nation has ever had.

See Djinn in Bellingham Again

Soon after the 9/11 attacks the Patriot Act was passed; on Oct 24, 2001. 66 mostly democrat congressmen voted against it. The Controllers who could play Allah to Muslims (they are few) didn’t want all their hard work to go to waste. If the Act lost support it could be weakened. They preferred it be strengthened.

CA Congressman and democrat Gary Condit’s committee assignment was as a senior member on the House Intelligence Committee. This was in the months and years prior to the September 11 attacks. A handy guy to be able to threaten if one were planning a terrorist attack and wanted to control the government’s response to it. He had already angered them by voting against repealing the Glass-Steagall Act.

His mistress, Chandra Levy, disappeared in May of 2001. Condit voted for the Patriot Act. Her remains were found in May of 2002, after 9/11. Condit had already lost his bid for re-election, possibly because of the revelations concerning his affair. It turned out he was not guilty of her death, but the damage was done.

Theda Bara

Theda Bara (July 29, 1885 – April 7, 1955) was an silent film actress who is considered one of the first sex symbols of American theater. She changed her name from Theodosia Burr Goodman. Many of her films were lost in the Fox vault fire of 1937. She married in 1921 and retired from acting in 1926. She died of stomach cancer in 1955.

Debra Jean Kent
Death Chart

Debra Jean Kent (March 12, 1957 – November 8, 1974) was one of brainwashed soul harvester Ted Bundy’s many victims (see Case Study 15). She was murdered at the age of 17. She disappeared after leaving a school play in Washington State. Her remains were not recovered but Bundy had been seen in the theater parking lot while the play was in progress. Bundy confessed to the crime.

Chandra Levy

Chandra Levy (April 14, 1977 – c. May 1, 2001) was a grad student on an internship in Washington DC working for the Federal Bureau of Prisons. She vanished while on a jog in a local park. She was being zombie used into having an affair with Representative Gary Condit (D-CA). Although the police searched the park her remains were not found until a year later. Condit’s affair with the victim came out in the investigation and it ruined his political career. Condit was on the House Intelligence Committee.

He opposed NAFTA, the repeal of the Glass-Steagal Act and the Iraq War. Ingmar Guandique was later arrested for the crime, tried and convicted in 2009. He had been arrested for assault previously in the same park. In 2015 he was granted a retrial and deported to his home country of El Salvador. Someone figured out that an affair ala Monica Lewinski and Bill Clinton wouldn’t bring down a politician.