The Liar And His Boys

It should be apparent by now that Phil, clinging to the false narrative that he is on his son’s side is a liar. Phil’s goons rape men and women around him while pretending to be Phil’s enemies and even pretending to be his son’s buddies. Their world is a fabrication in the pathological lying mind of Phil. The vampire king of the fascists simply clings to his son to feed on his energy and put the blame for his racist and fascist thoughts on him at the same time.

Yelling like a woman to censor his son’s thoughts and trying to convince everyone to “give in” to his buddy terrorists is his way. Good cop / bad cop game in the book of Job. Hitler gave in to his guide Fromm/Phil. Is that really a spiritual or even good idea? Or is it the philosophy of cowardice fed to people by their overlords?

Phil’s buddy sorcerers, brainwashed and guided Charles Manson, brainwashed and guided Wesley Alan Dodd, brainwashed and guided Ted Bundy, brainwashed and guided Jeffrey Epstein and one that helped Phil brainwash and guide terrorists, among others. They have been putting on a sex/rape show to cover the fact they are racists fascists and discredit Phil’s son. They have helped Phil attempt race wars, created religious intolerance, terrorist attacks, and are all wealthy white men = playing roles.

They all do so to make the lies of Phil look like truth. They work to strip humanities ability to fight back and people think they are righteous to believe it.

They are all just people