Phil, Environmentalists and Oil Companies

When the giant Phil (calls himself Rommel but isn’t) returned to the Mordor from his oil company job in Saudi Arabia in late 1990 or early 1991 he decided he needed to create a ruckus. Heaven forbid anyone figure out he was the one who convinced Hussein to invade Kuwait (Phil’s Iraq).

They arranged to have some loyalists make a second attempt at starting a race war. To make sure he wouldn’t take the blame, while out of body, he spoke while hiding behind his sleeping son in Oregon. He put on a show saying a race war and the subsequent destruction of American society would be good for the environment.

His son figured out what his father had done and figured out what he was up to. He announced in the 4th D that an event was imminent with the purpose to start a race war and entice the government into a lock-down. The goal of the fascist Controllers was to get the government to declare martial law Phil and Co. was certain they had enough infiltrators in law enforcement to make psychics they didn’t like disappear.

On March 3 of 1991 police brutally beat Rodney King in Los Angeles while being filmed by a “passer by” who happened to have a video camera (YouTube). No one had cell phones in 1991. The officers were charged and there was no backlash. The LA Riots happened in April of 1992 after the verdict was read in the ensuing criminal case against the officers. The result was not as they had expected.

If there were such a thing as the ability to read minds all positions of political, religious and economic influence would be held by people so endowed. This would have always been the case; nothing different than it is now. – Capt McCoy

Understanding this principle should help you understand what we are actually hearing. Everything the Roman gods of Mordor say and do, particularly Phil, is for an audience. That audience is not only the common and newly aware. The politicians, the religious leaders and captains of industry are included and considered by the Controllers to be a more important part of the audience. These are the people who they hope to receive protection and financial support from while young, in their next life.

Consider their claim the race war they have attempted to create at least three times since 1968 is for the environment. The idea is to deflect blame to environmentalists. This is how they think they are selling it to oil company execs. Real (or fake) environmentalists who support the idea and state so do no more than further demonize their cause to the rest of society. Phil and Co do not care about environmentalism. If they did they would be messing with loggers in the rain forest or something instead of creating an incessant sex and rape show in the SW to demonize the town and Phil’s son.

These giants are politicians and liars.