Phil’s Iraq

On 17 May, 1987 an Iraqi jet fired two Exocet missiles at the frigate USS Stark. 37 US sailors were killed and 21 were wounded (Wikipedia). This occurred during the Iran Iraq War.The US was a supporter of the Iraqi war effort on at least a diplomatic level. Whatever possessed the Iraqi pilot?

The pilot, Abdul Rahman, was flying a modified civilian model Dassault Falcon 50. According to Iraqi officials he was not acting under orders. It had been reported by the US that he was executed. However, according to author Jean-Louis Bernard he was not punished and still alive. It was later reported that he defected to Iran.

The incident posed a risk to Iraq’s international support in the Iran Iraq War. The gods of Mordor had arranged the ascension of Ayatollah Ruhola Khomeini by manipulating at least one Carter administration official, the Shah and by guiding Khomeini. They wanted Iraq to lose the war and have it’s Shia majority align itself with Iran. The UN was brokering a cease fire that took effect in Aug 1988 and it threatened their plan. A handler trained as a pilot guided Rahman.

Mir Hossein Mousavi, the Iranian Prime Minister, called it a “divine blessing.” He was just a little off base.

Phil (says he was Rommel but wasn’t), leader of the MFs of Mordor, was working in Saudi Arabia from 1978 until 1990. He kept at it. By convincing Saddam Hussein the US would not act if Kuwait were invaded. This was not true, but Hussein had enjoyed US support in the war and besides, he thought he was talking to an angel of Allah. Bush Sr and the coalition was too smart to invade Iraq.

As we all observed, the giant Phil (calling himself Rommel) was stumping around in the 4th D calling on George Bush Jr to invade Iraq in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. This was for the same purpose as his other manipulations. As we know today: Iran has significant political influence in Iraq (Reuters). They just don’t quit.

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