Phil, a Race War and Oil Companies

Abraham, that is Phil (calls himself Rommel but isn’t) claimed he and his goons’ attempt to start a race war was for environmental reasons (Yesterday’s Post). Of course we know that declaring that to the world was simply a ploy to blame that group for the attempts. They hoped this would make oil companies happy, by informing them of this ploy.

The odd result is two opposed groups, environmentalists and climate deniers, both admire the daddy figures. This was made possible with a simple lie, thought out loud, and a preprogrammed populace. How effective it really was can only be speculated upon. Phil worked for oil companies until retirement in Mordor.

Truth is, they aren’t really trying to help US oil companies either. This should be apparent in the international actions they’ve undertaken that resulted in the companies loosing money and equipment.

Vladimir Putin nationalized Russia’s oil industry as did Hugo Chavez‘s Venezuela, both after US investment and collaboration. These children of Abraham are under his indirect control. Another event to mention is the institution of the Theocracy of Iran under the Ayatollah Khomeini, and the subsequent expansion of their Shia Empire. This has continued on to Yemen, Hezbollah, Hamas etc.

These efforts are aimed at their next life, next attempt at a Reich. They want middle eastern oil to be available to Russia and China but not to the US. They have determined part of their failure in World War II was their inability to control oil supplies. They don’t want this to be the case in World War III. They are thinking ahead.

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Another aspect to consider is the Nazi Reich was not strictly socialist. This was because good ole Fromm had to make a deal. To take over Germany the NSDAP had to drop their criticisms of the Kaiser for the loss of WWI. They dropped that and doubled down on blaming the Jews. They also had to drop the “socialist” part of their political philosophy. His puppet Hitler was let out of prison after a short time and they were off to the races. They had the support of many generals, politicians and leaders of industry. They would have nationalized major industries at a later time, had events unfolded differently.

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