Passing the Buck and CYA

When a pathological psychopath liars realizes someone knows they have committed a crime, they accuse that person of the same crime. This is something they do immediately so they get their accusation in first. People are much more likely to believe the first accusation even if it is false.


  • Saying hippies and environmentalists are behind attempts to create a race war
  • The real Adam naming his son Adam
  • Hitler’s puppet master claiming someone else is Hitler
  • Rapists and child molesters setting someone up to look like, or claiming someone is a rapist or child molester.
  • Puppet masters pulling their strings from behind someone who knows what they do.
  • Thinking racist thoughts and saying racist things through some else’s head.
  • The MF and his goons claiming his son is jealous ( like a “jealous” god)

These things are more an admission of guilt than anything else