I Do What I Want

How long will the tyrant Phil and his MFs play their charade? Pretending not to be working together in Mordor when they all live there? Continuing to use a fake son to rape people then continue pretending the guy is him? Pretending someone else altogether is the one who alerted people to their race war attempt in ’91 and the September attacks before they happened? It’s ridiculous.

They continue to rape women and men. They then attempt to play it off as some sort of sexual liberation game. Then, go back to raping people. If the people in the stage dome are doing and saying things it is likely all their actions and words are not their own. In this case it’s still rape.

The truth is, they don’t get punished by “god” for their actions, they get promoted – everyone else gets punished. It’s really just behavioral conditioning – reward and punishment. The purpose is to maintain fascist control of the other side and play it off with politics, religion and popularity.

It doesn’t matter to them if they create dead to be brainwashed through disease, war, holocausts with political ideology or Inquisitions with religious ideology. It doesn’t matter to them what you believe as long as they get to run they show. They’ll be telling you what to believe before too long anyway -, and you’ll believe it.

They don’t stop because they do what they want and they want people to fear them. There is good reason to fear them, but they are only people and they are few. Fear is how they rule. They rape and murder because it causes the sheep to fear; too afraid to learn not to think and find out who they are. They pretend to be on your side because it makes you feel safe.

Samuel Gibbs French

This is Samuel Gibbs French (November 22, 1818 – April 20, 1910). He was a US Army officer from New Jersey who sided with the Confederate States during the US Civil War. He was a Brigadier General for the CSA. After the war he retired to his plantation in Mississippi. French placed the blame for the Civil War on the greed of the North. He claimed that history would show the South was vindicated and the North should compensate southern slave owners for abolishing the practice.

Josef Mengele

This is NAZI Dr. Josef Mengele (16 March 1911 – 7 February 1979). Also known as the “Angel of Death,” he performed sadistic research on imprisoned Jewish children while stationed at Auschwitz. This “research” was simply torture under another name. He was harvesting souls. After World War II he escaped to South America and lived under the assumed name Wolfgang Gerhard. He drowned in 1979 in Brazil.

The casual reader might ask; “Where is this mf now?”