Monkey Brains Can Be Fun

The giant bosses don’t think like other people. Their game is designed to confuse and conceal. Infiltration is the trick. Once they have enough of their guys positioned they can take over. This can’t be done overtly, someone who is too transparent is too easy to detect.

They give weapons or nuclear technology to Iran but wear a T shirt with the Star of David on it. They manipulate events to help China become a powerful nation but make a show of loyalty and patriotism to the US.

One of these guys trying to create an environment for gun control who brainwashes and handles someone to shoot up a school can shoot well. He probably has an “I love the NRA” bumper sticker. If you talk to him about the politics he’ll avoid the subject or say he supports the 2nd Amendment

An infiltrator into the priesthood, to destroy a church ( or school or police force), will molest children. The infiltrator could be a zombie, programmed or possessed to commit the acts. If he is a loyal subject it doesn’t matter to him – he knows he coming back next lifetime. He also knows for the stunt to work he must be busted for his crimes. A loyalist has probably been spreading dysfunction in this manner for many lifetimes.

This is applicable to other institutions for instance a rogue Colonel creates a cult of personality. Then his brigade kills civilians. The purpose is to discredit the cause they represent and their way is from the inside.

Infiltrating a country begins with having two of their servants being born there. Then they guide the person to a leadership position and eventually to take over. They will rig elections, eliminate competition, even start revolutions and wars to keep them, or put them back, in power. When he is overthrown, dies or loses his position the second will take the helm. This person will be fanatical, but relatively less oppressive so the people will tolerate him.

Once in power they serve to control a region and influence a culture. They can turn the country into a satellite nation or even to fall in a war against another nation run by a different loyal servant.

It’s important to understand, if one of these guys appears to be a liberal or a conservative the truth is he is neither. He is simply a servant playing a role. They believe only in power, they hate democracy and freedom of thought. They believe they should be gods and they only believe in will to rule.

You’ll notice Phil and his MFs attempting to force a role on his son. They want him to appear to be racist because he helped sabotage two of their many attempts to create a race war. They will speak and think pretending to be him to make Phil’s lie appear true. They will do the same to make him appear gay. They use rape and terrorism to convince others to help force him into this role. They use sex games for the purpose of ridicule. These are simply royalty games to manipulate the simple minded. It is effective control utilizing the mob mentality.

Hitler didn’t take over Germany, it was already taken over.

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